Your wounded heart
can be healed
sharing with others
And your wounded skin
can be recovered
to its original state
through ingredients
closest to human
skin components.
A formula closest to your body’s natural
components to heal and soothe damaged skin
[ STEM CELL + Natural Complex ]
Young protein closest to your body,
Umblical cord blood stem cell
conditioned media.
89 different skin regenerative growth factors
in young proteins work to reinforce and
heal damaged skin from inside.
Soothing complex from nature
– DWP Curefactor
The nature-derived soothing complex,
the epitome of Dongwha Pharm’s expertise
of the past 120 years, eases irritation
and comforts the skin.

  • Dermis

  • Catechu

  • Fumari-

  • Silver
benestem redevelops
the amazing vitality of your original skin
and instills it back in
Unique ingredient stabilization technology
We developed and applied the freeze-drying technology to better preserve and more stably deliver the active ingredients of the umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media deep into your skin.
Safe formula principle
We adhere to our principle of “staying sensible and careful” instead of pouring in everything that appears good. We meticulously test and prescribe all our ingredients to exclude substances that may trigger allergies, troubles, and exacerbate skin conditions.
We only promise the reliable results powered
by our innovative biotechnology.